Secrets & Conspiracy of Life : Part 1

Secrets & Conspiracy of Life : Part 1

Dear Friends. This is an effort to make you understand important aspects of life. Many questions running in your mind will be answered in this entire note.

What is Life?

Purpose of Life?

Why there is so much Pain?

Why should one be Spiritual?

Why should one struggle to get enlightenment?

Conspiracy of all the Religions and the blind belief's

Why very few marriages in the entire world are are successful but not may irrespective of Love or Arranged Marriage?


Life is Beautiful, Blissful. Life is eternal. No Birth is beginning neither is Death the ending. Death is the Beginning of a new journey, a new life somewhere in some form of life. Many of us would have been trees thousands of year back but due to Deforestation we must have left the live there and must have got incarnated as Human Beings this time. The real you is ageless and eternal. Krishna says in Bhavadgeetha "Nainam chhindanti shastranii, Nainam Dahati Pravaka" which means "Neither can any weapon destroy me nor can fire burn me", he says that by referring to soul. If you are receptive and ready for the challenge of life then its never boring never sad. Sadness comes once you expect, have some projections. Existence knows what is good and what is bad for everyone. It can give what we need and not what we want. If you get what you need you should be grateful for that but people become more aggressive towards their dream, so many desires, so many projections, so much of greed and really no one works on it either. In sanskrit there is a famous Subhashita "Punyasya Phalam ichanthi, Punyam nechanthi Manavaaha ; Na paapa phalam ichanti, paapam kunvanthi Yatnatha ha" which says "People want good results for all their work but they do not want bad when they do it and without doing anything they want good to happen".

In Life most of them waste time in just comparing themselves with others. Comparing the house their friend's have, comparing the car, comparing even the beauty of their wife's, children , their school and waste their time by proving they are superior over other. Such things are not needed for life. They are simple waste of time. Only people who live life can enjoy it else they are just living corpus. In simple words life is like Sun Rise and Sunset. When the sun raises we get the bright light, the warmness, the blessings and the beauty and it’s not forever it has to set sometime but if you worry about the sunset that time you will miss that event, you will never get back that again. While it’s rising from the mountains you have to see it stage by stage and when it comes on the head and radiates lot of heat then you should take shelter and enjoy the hotness of it and then when it sets in the west there is again a beauty of it. You have to be a witness of the beautiful event. In the same way Happiness is not permanent it’s like a Sun Rise and Sadness is like Sunset but if you have little more awareness then you will understand that there will be one more Sun Rise again tomorrow.

Uniting both Sun Rise and Sun Set is nothing but Enlightenment. It’s completely Blissful State. There is no Pain of Losing something or No happiness of gaining anything. Just being empty with only Bliss. If you are happy for some reason then its stays for sometime but if you happy for no reason then it’s eternal. Remember This. Life is a cosmic conspiracy or a joke played by it.

Nobody has ever lived life the way it has to be lived. Life should be lived out of freedom, love and compassion. Religions have spoiled all these three important aspects of life. Religions impart rules on us, religions makes us believe many stupid things and one who gives you an illogical belief is nothing but a joker and never be spiritual leader. I remember of a story here. "Once a Husband suddenly came back to house to take his file which he left it that day before leaving to office. He rushed back immediately he found the file missing. When he came back home and knocked the door for almost 10 minutes his wife didn’t turn up and at the 16th minute she opened the door and said she was doing some important work. Husband was angry and went to their Room where he keeps all the files and he found a Cargo Pant and men underwear lying on the floor along with a T-Shirt. He called his Wife and asked who does it belongs to, it’s yours she replied. Then husband accepted it and said sorry dear i forgot. When the husband was about to take the file he saw somebody down his window trying to jump and husband asked him who are you without underwear and half naked and what are you doing here? He said "I am here to catch a bus", then husband offered him some clothes and said I will drop you till the bus stand. If you believe what his wife said then religions are correct. My conclusion is not to believe anyone who gives you system of belief, instead search it on your own and do whatever it makes you happy. This is what all religions have been doing, popes have been doing and all the priests have been doing. They give you belief without having any logic in it and when you question it they will be terrible angry for questioning them, I feel so pity on these innocent idiots, it hurts their ego as they themselves don’t know what are the reason and the answers to their doings.

Let’s go back to the history and find out how religion and people who interfered in others life impacted them. During the time of Jesus Christ he made a statement which might have caused deep hurt to everybody. He said "Only poor are liked by god and they will get liberated after death and rich will suffer here". Now the real problem aroused. Rich were disturbed as they thought this man who is a mystic is telling that we people will not get liberated and people who don't have anything, literally beggars, poor are favoured by god. Poor were also confused as they were trying to get rid of poverty and they never wanted to be poor, even they wanted big house, comfortable family life will all comforts from sofas to posh furniture’s everything what riches have but it’s been stalled by the word of Jesus. Poor were even thinking the being so will they really be able to go to heaven? Lots of confusion. But they can't rule out the words of a special being like Jesus who can walk on water, turn water into wine and what not. Full of miracles. Nobody knows how many reached heaven out of it but nobody were in bliss for sure.

People who create miracles are loved for their miracles and not for anything in them. If miracles are taken away from Krishna then is gone, if miracles are take away from Jesus then he is finished. Jesus walked on water it seems but i doubt how he could do it, I think often he was carrying some good swimmers with him or was walking on stones on the river, if we go by physics then these entire look so stupid. He once turned wine out of water, it looks like an offence to me, and he should be behind bars for turning water into wine without a licence. In India for everything there is a licence and for even a dog. So, for everybody I clearly say I am not a person who can do miracles for you, forget about walking on stones on the river bank, I don’t even walk on the road properly. I never impart any of my views on anybody, I just say simple understand the insights which I am trying to say and guide you towards bliss. But if you still want to follow somebody and want to be in same state of life like how you were before you are free to be that way.

Faith can be sometimes very strong, very useful, and very powerful. Thousands of year back there was rushi who was conducting satsang's for the crowd in the village. One day his topic was about Lord Rama. There was a fisher women in that village whose business was impacted by a great margin as she had to cross the river to go town and her fish. She happened to attend this satsang as it was raining there. Exactly when she entered the room she heard this great Sage saying that by saying "Rama Rama Rama" anything is possible, then this fisher woman came out of satsang and she had lot of faith in Rama. She chanted Rama Rama Rama and crossed the river by her legs...!!! Next month again this great sage so called greatest sage came to the same place and this women fell on the feet of the sage and begged him to come to her house, he was shocked why she is acting like this. Then he decided to go to her house and when she neared the river she started chanting and went on the river walking and waited at the other end waiting for the sage to cross the river, but he couldn't do it. This is the difference between Faith and Belief. This sage just had belief which his father, grandfather would have said about the word "Rama" but this lady had faith.

Purpose of life is to live and let live first. To be human first. Not physically but in every way possible. Purpose of life is to learn and make others learn what you know. To share your knowledge and drop your ego. The real sanyaas is not wearing saffron dress, leaving alcohol, leaving onions and garlic’s, turning to celibacy. All these things are stupid sanyaas where they are either suppressing or repressing their feelings and such people never get moksha or liberation or enlightenment. Everything has to go by their own and this can happen only when you are deeply into it. If you ask tiger to start eating grass it’s impossible immediately for it to leave meat but one should make it eat vegetables slowly slowly by mixing it with meat and one day it will be satisfied with vegetables and never need meat again. It’s difficult but not impossible. If this happens then its real and pure and its neither suppression nor repression. Nobody can help you in life and it’s you at the end of the day that has to make an attempt to change naturally. People go to psychologist for consultation but little they realize that highest suicidal rates in USA and other countries are coming from none other than psychologist fraternity. They themselves don't know what they are but go on giving consultation for others. One of my long times philosophical lover is also an psychologist, he treats so many patients and tries to cure them but once in a month makes a point to meet me and gets relaxed after speaking for some time. I can just laugh at this; a person helping others needs another being to help him out. There was another great man, a great soul by name Valmiki. Yes, He was the writer of Ramayana. He was once a great robber and a cold blooded killer who use to kill people for money. One day what happened was very different from other day. A person was caught under his net and he was about to be killed but that person told Valmiki that before killing him he needs answer for one simple question. "Are your family members going to take the share of your bad deeds, bad karmas of killing someone or doing robbery?" Valmiki replied "Yes, Of course, since they enjoy my wealth and I give them everything that I earn from looting people" but the man was not impressed and based on his advice Valmiki came home and asked his wife whether she shares his bad deeds as she is also enjoying that money earned by him "She said , no never. Why should I? It’s my duty to cook food for you and i am doing it other things are simple irrelevant", then he was sad and went to his parents "they said , we are old and when we were young and working we thought you what is right and what is wrong and now we are in old age so you have to look after us and its none of our business to know what you do" he was really angry and finally went to his son and before asking anything he said "dad I never asked you to do anything so stupid, did I ?". Now, Valmiki realised his mistakes and went to that great man who awakened him and started meditating and later got enlightened. He then went on to write Ramayana, one of the biggest and sacred epic of Sanathana Dharma. It’s possible for anyone but by little conscious thinking. Take ever sadness and every pain in the life as a tool to realizing yourself.

No Relationships have ever made anybody happy. It’s simple because existence wants you to know that nothing is permanent, nothing is forever. What you are thinking is yours today can no more be yours tomorrow. The parents whom you loved all these while may be your adopted parents, the real biological parents religion may be different than what you have practised from the parents with whom you were all these while. The name what they would have kept may change, you might be called as Shelly due to Christian parents and tomorrow it may change to Sheetal. See the implication. Now your biological connection is different, religion is different and everything is different. Things you felt is yours the day before are all totally vanished. The only thing that could never change was your true self, the true being, the spirit soul inside you, the god inside you. That can never be changed, soul is eternal. That’s your real being. Just to be aware of this fact is the real purpose of life. Once you are aware of it then there is no fear of death, no fear of losing anything. Happiest person can be one who has lost everything because he has nothing to lose more and whatever he gets from there on is only gain for him, so behave as if you don’t have anything and in fact you don’t have anything now and what you have can never bring happiness to you. Just simple method or observing your breath when ever your breath in and breath out is enough to start the journey towards your own self. No science is needed to this. Scientist cannot dissect the human body like how they do in autopsy to show you the soul; they will end up showing you the organs but to find that spiritual true being you need to dissect yourself through just observing the intake and exhale of your breath. This will be starting and after this many more miracles will start to happen. I will give you 4 commandments which I found in my favourite Upanishad. I Know Upanishads are stupid books but sometime even stupid’s have intelligence, the commandments goes like this –

Santoshah paramo laabhah , satsangah param gatih

vicharah param gnanam , kshame parmam sukham

Happiness is the highest gain, Nobel Company is highest achievement

Questioning is highest knowledge, forgiveness is highest enjoyment

Remember these four important words and you will never ever be sad. If you have all these 4 qualities then you are already enlightened. If you are not able to follow these 4 commandments then try to follow it from today. Then see the change in you. One has to struggle to have these qualities it’s not as simple as it may seem. But it’s not impossible.

One has to really struggle to get enlightened. I want to tell you one incidence here. There was a friend of mine who loved my philosophy. She was highly impatient and was very arrogant. Very egoistic. She came across me through a mutual friend. She had all the un wanted desires in life and I said you can never be happy with these kind of desires. She was annoyed and angry. She asked me can you see in Divya Drusti using the enlightened power and say where will I settle in life as I always wanted to be either in London, USA or Canada. I said you will be there on earth for sure and doesn’t worry about tomorrow just meditate to know yourself. She said “Acharya you are the most idiot monks I have met so far who couldn’t answer my simple question of seeing 10 years down the line”. I said “Thanks for calling me as an Idiotic Monk, But now you are relived of that anger so you can meditate” but she asked me questions after questions like “Who was your master?” I replied her “I went to Himalayas in search of peace, to come out of tragedy which stuck my life repeatedly that time and didn’t go there having any intension of getting into spirituality and I met a powerful women who guided me to find myself and get away from all pains permanently. My guru was also Disciple of all the masters but I feel that she was masters of the masters”. She asked me “Did she know Osho?” Yes. She has visited him once and was a greatly inspired of him. I replied. Then she took her cell phone and called a person in some Osho ashram and asked “Did you know any lady by name Shanta Devi who visited osho during 1974-75?” That poor man said “No. (May be I was sleeping when so many of them came to visit him those times)”. She looked at me and said “There is nobody like that and she was worried only about the guru behind a guru to whom she has come”. How can such people attain enlightenment? It’s impossible. Finally I said “Dear Lady. Thanks at least after this conversation, start to meditate”. This is Ignorance; they are not favoured by god, not selected by god to reach the ultimate bliss. This lady will waste her entire life finding the person who was with osho, and what were he doing and all these types of questions in her mind instead of doing the meditations which osho left back. I never ever needed any guru with me permanently as my way of spirituality was totally different. I wanted to make a philosophy which will make everybody strip their masks and make them stand in front of mirror to see their real face. If possible to even burn the fake masks which they used earlier. Being themselves.

Once a person came to Buddha and asked “I have heard of you and it seems that you are really great. Can I know how much does it take to get enlightened?” Buddha Replied “10 years only”. This man got shocked “Are you serious, can you tell me again and think over and tell me please?” Buddha Replied “20 years, sorry 30 years. Sorry 40 years and for you it may be more than that too”. Enlightenment needs patience. If you are patient then it can happen right here, right now. One which comes out of struggle is always beautiful. A Mother carries the kid in her womb for nine months and its very paining for her not only physically but also she has to go through mental tension. She has to be careful if something happens to the kid, if something hits my stomach in the kitchen or what if I fall down during taking a shower, what should I eat and what should I avoid during pregnancy to avoid any conflict for the Baby’s birth. So many tensions and pains she has. But she cares a damm for all these issues. She will sacrifice her life sometimes during giving birth and honestly she gets a second life after delivering the baby and chances are there that she might be dead during the surgery but she sees the face of the healthy baby which is just been delivered she is so happy and so much delighted. She not only feels that all pain she took was worth but forgets that and starts enjoying the new love being which has come out from her. Enlightenment is same like this. You have to go deep into the roots. More deep you go under the soil like in case of trees more the branches are showered outside and more the nourishment, more the flowers and wonderful fruits outside. So, If you meditate deeply going into the roots you will feel the bliss outside. Unifying the soul with body, feeling that you are not only body but also a spirit soul and one day the only thing, the real being is the one inside you dancing, singing and being calm inside you. Celebrate that very moment. Basho was singing poetry when he attained enlightened. Buddha was silent. Mahavira was very silent. Rama Krishna was always smiling and preaching with love. Celebration was so different so only every living beings who attained enlightened had so much different experience.

This world tries its best for avoiding you to become a Buddha. It will try its level best. If everyone becomes Buddha then all the Gods will become dummy. The entire priest will lose their job, Temples will be empty, Popes have to eat lollypops, and so on and so forth. It becomes really tough for people who have been used to live in dark. To avoid all these ways to attain Buddha hood in Sanathana Dharma (Hindus) created so many blind beliefs. In India, after eating meat nobody goes to temple but doesn’t start think as per their priests they can have a bath on their head and then only can move. It looks so stupid. Just a shower wetting your hair on the head makes you pure? Don’t they think that the meat still remains in their stomach; it’s just been few hours before they have had it? Same rules even after having sex between two beings. It’s said that God will never forgive those who come to place of worship after having sex without taking the bath on head after having sex. What sort of nonsense is this? We are all born out of Love between two beautiful beings. We are in fact the product of love. Why is sex looked as a taboo? It should be looked at utmost respect, all the religions are against the sex because that will make them aware that love between the two beings a husband and a wife or between two lovers can make them more conscious. This is said by Shiva in the Holy book of Vignana Bhairava Tantra. Women is made to shave her head after her husband is dead and is never ever invited to any holy functions or festivals that will take place anywhere. She will be treated badly if she comes to anybody’s house for any celebration. She is cursed and also openly condemned if she touches Vermilion (Kum Kum). She is made to remove the Mangala Sutru (Holy thread which will be tied by husband in marriage to his wife in Hindu tradition) Women is not allowed to go any place of worship or any ritual involving during her menstrual cycle, I can accept this partially if science is involved that may be in the place where large number of people assemble if any Microbes which is present in that harms somebody, may be a small infant may get infected but taking bath after eating meat and after having sex seems to be so idiotic. Meat eaters are cruel and are a disgrace for humanity but I really don’t understand the connection of sex in this. When I asked the same question to priest of a famous Mutt (Place where that communities head lives), he said don’t ask me this question as I may have to take bath again after explaining. This is the answer. After all what can anybody expect from jokers? All these things are made by religions so that people don’t recognise themselves and get involved in the arguments of these blind beliefs so that they will never get time to meditate or try to find themselves. Simple conspiracy. That’s why once again I am saying be spiritual and be meditative nobody can stop you but if you believe priests , your popes, your church, your temples then you are lost in that. You can neither find god nor yourself because god is neither in temple nor in sky he is there deep inside you. Find it.

I’m from the beginning totally against the marriage. Marriage shows lack of trust in each other’s love that is why its registered in government records and photographs in the marriage and lot of things. Marriage has not made anybody happy, nobody is happy after getting married. If you understand and inner stand then you will feel what i am saying is correct. Its not the marriage that brings the happiness and bliss, but the love between two beings that brings the bliss. Love marriages are not successful as the love was either infatuation or simple disappeared after marriage. Arranged marriage is not successful as its arranged by the parents, the elders, match making, the tarot readers, the family sitting and discussing how much gold you are going to give my son and how much property are you going to give my daughter and all the trades in the name of marriage. Where is the love here? How can it be ever successful? How can you expect a wine out of water, only Jesus can do it? Everybody can’t. Nobody asks whether the boy and girl are ok with arrange marriage or not. They just give few minutes barely to talk to each other and know their likes and dislikes. This is very common in India. So, the happiness is never there. Simple a boy has come to marry-age so he has to get married and same with girl too. She has to be with him throughout the life whether she like or not and same with him. They don’t love each other it’s just that as a custom they are married. She might have feelings for some other men whom she loves or once she loved but still has sex with husband saying she is performing her “Duty” and the husband just relieving his urge. Neither is he happy nor she. What sort of a custom is this? She thinks of someone and sleeps with husband and he imagines somebody and gets relaxed after fulfilling his urge? Entire life happens like this and nobody will be happy. If Marriage was limited to just exchanging rings between tow beings and saying “I do, I do” and “Kubool he” (I accept in Urdu which mohammadans follow) and tying Mangala Sutru around the neck of women by husband then the world would not have been like this. It’s all rubbish. At least Christians and Muslims are ok in this ritual, Hindus are very cruel as I feel the Mangal Sutru is equal to the Hanging rope. There is a famous saying which goes like this “Marriage is made in heaven”. Yes, it’s perfectly correct but understood completely wrong. Heaven is where, where love is.

Only few marriages are successful and are happy because in Upanishad I read a beautiful story. Once there was a great sage who was performing Tapas and his student kept on watching him. Now the great sage said to his student that he should go to heaven and it’s time for him to go to god. So he would fall into fire but before doing it he wants to give all the knowledge to his student. Student was shocked and said please don’t do it my master as I can’t leave without you. Now the Great sage said will you follow the words of Guru or not? Yes said the student. Great Sage asked the student to lit the wood bricks so that he can get into it (It’s called as Agni Pravesha in Sanskrit). Before falling into fire guru gave all the powers to his student and fell in the fire and the student who witnessed that moment started crying and saw a miracle of two lights moving from his body up the sky and disappeared. Now student started to feel guilt and couldn’t stand there seeing his master’s body becoming ashes. Even the student jumped into the fire now and he too died. But his leg was half burnt and was outside a bit of fire, now a fox saw it and wanted to eat the half burnt body of the student. After having enough it went a little inside the fire to eat completely but was trapped in fire and died too.

Now after 500 years. There was a beautiful Kingdom. A Handsome and Good Prince and he had a wonderful minister under him. Both were equally intelligent and handsome. Father of the Prince decided that he should be married now and so felt the father of minister. So both decided to send them to the far away kingdom which was as big as theirs and also the princess was beautiful, intelligent and also very good at heart at the same time along with the Prince went his good friend and also the minister. As soon as the prince saw the princess it was love at first sight, he loved her and she too loved him and without even speaking anything both said to their respective parents that we would like to be married and will be happy together. Delighted minister to tell this to king when he came out of the kingdom he saw a beautiful girl and he fell in love with her and he told her that he loves her, she was quite reluctant but later accepted and even she was daughter of the minister of that kingdom. Now in just one month both the marriages took place. Prince was very happy and minister pretended to be happy. Prince wife was looking after him like a baby, like a child and not as a husband but was really good where as the minister’s wife was very rude and rash. One day minister asked prince whether he was really happy with the marriage then prince said “Hell Yes, she is the most wonderful women I have ever seen” but this day minister said his wife is very rude and rash and minister really wanted to see whether prince is telling truth or a lie. Prince said you see tomorrow in my room what she does when I go home. Next day prince went to home and his wife brought hot water to wash his leg, prince shouted you bloody women can’t you make out how much hot the water is? (She knew that it was not hot) Wife apologised and said sorry and washed his leg again with cold water. Now the prince came inside the room. Now he asked for some food and she brought curry rice for him and immediately after eating it he spited on her face saying it was very spicy but she again apologised and brought some sugar so that he will feel ok with sweet on his taste bud. No he saw the minister and gave a smile showing how good his wife is. Now minister wanted to replicate same thing to his wife. He went and asked for a hot water, she shouted and brought half a glass of water and angrily he throw on her, but she retaliated by throwing the glass back on her. He was ok with that as he was used to it, then he asked her to bring some food and after tasting it he threw on her face saying it was spicy, she took a wooden rod and hit him on the head of him and he was hospitalised. He explained the whole story to prince then both decided to consult one vedic astrologer. Astrologer discovered that they both were Student and master in the previous life. That Great Sage is incarnated in the form of prince and the student is none other than this minister, both hugged each other now in tears. Minister asked about his wife and the astrologer said the wife of prince is none other than the soul of the sage himself and that was the reason why his soul got split into two after he left body, In this life the two splits of same souls have been husband and wife but in the case of minister, the wife was none other than the fox which died along with him while trying to eat his meat. This story gives us the meaning of all rare successful, fully satisfied marriage. Hope all the doubts in you is erased.

Om Tat Sat, Shanti Shanti Shanti Hee..


Acharya Shree Shankar