God is NOwhere, God is NOWhere...

God is NOwhere, God is NOWhere...

Who is God? Where is God?

These two are the most complex questions asked by everybody. But often complex question come with a easy answer. Question becomes complex not because there is some rocket science involved in it but lack of understanding. The question itself creates the Fear. Its like saying a person to walk 1000 Miles to complete his journey. First time when he hears this he will be shocked, disturbed but only by thinking step to step walking, completing 3 miles everyday it can be completed in a year. The concept of God is so simple.

Hindu mythology says Lord Vishnu stays in Northern side of Earth which is known as Vaikunta, Lord Shiva Stays in Kailasa and Lord Bharma Stays in Satya Loka. All these three places are full of joy,song,dance,good food,drink and all comforts. Many Rishis in the ancient past have confirmed this by going there. They have explained in scriptures. All these are in scriptures and there is nobody who has seen and come back alive here to confirm this. Mohammadans say that Allah lives in Jannath (Heaven) who treats everybody with Biriyani (Rice based Feast usually served with Meat). This might be true or may even untrue. But as far as i know all these are only stories. He neither is in sky nor anywhere.

If God created all of us, then question comes who created the God? If somebody can be there without being created then why not Human beings and the entire beings in the existence? If God is eternal then so is The Soul inside the Body. So it should be either the pieces of God that is there in us and everybody are incarnation of God else the whole concept of God is a conspiracy made by Preists,Popes and all the spiritual jokers who wanted to divide and rule the humanity. My explaination is always the same "You are a God, I am a God, Each and everybody are God". Nobody have to worship anybody, just understand that you are no inferior than anybody and you already have a god inside you.

God is Nothing but Soul inside you and bringing him out is nothing but attaining Samadhi,Sambodhi or Enlightenment. Enlightenment is about knowing that you are mortal body but also a immortal soul.

Christians say Entire world was created in 6 days and 7th day he rested. If God is so powerful with so much of power,so much of divinity, who can do all the miracles then why he needs 6 days to create it? He can do it in 6 seconds. Two seconds can go for making an Hell and an Heaven and rest 4 seconds to do rest of the work. It looks simple illogical. So stupid. By this implication its very clear that some human is behind this conspiracy because only a human can manufacture such illogical stories. God is perfect as he is described by everyone so he can't do such silly mistakes. If somebody feels God did this then Friedrich Nietzsche is correct in saying "God is Dead".

Every human should respect each other only because there is a god inside everybody. Some people come to me and touch my feet but i tell them not to do it, some people call me and say Acharya i want to worship you then i say if you do so then i will not accept you as my philosophical,spiritual follower. I hate to call my followers as Devotees. Nobody should devotee or worship anybody, they just need to understand and innerstand for their self development and knowing them self. Job of the Master ends in showing the followers the route towards Samadhi rest should be done by the followers them selves. But now a days its so disguisting to see master's getting worshipped by brainwashing their followers. I would like to give you few example.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Enlightened and a Mystic from India. Very good at Hatha Yoga and Meditational techniques. Very clever safforn businessman. He charges $6000 USD for a course which can learned from any yoga teacher. Why is the yoga fees with him so high? Answer : Performing the yoga under a enlightened master. Simple. He has kept his enlightenment for sale. He follows vedic principles which clear says that "EDUCATION ,MEDICINE ,KNOWLEDGE ,FOOD ,WATER" should never be sold. But he does exactly that. I don't follow any principles of vedas or any religious practices as i neither belong to any religion,caste,creed,country,race nor do i trust in them.  But he says vedic principles for everything and why not for this? I understand that he is having running cost for his ashram's but breaking vedic principles for funding his ashram in different countries? It sounds so stupid. There were so many western people as well as local indian's who were conned by him. My friend from Iran was treated every badly in him ashram only because she was an Muslim. Lot of weird things happened in the past. Lets talk about what happened in this year. He had sex with his "disciple" (He calls his followers are disciple,devotees) and it was video taped. He went into hiding and didn't say where he was for long long time before getting arrested in North India after one month from the release of the video. The female once admitted to have had sex with him but later twisted the whole story. Now nithyananda was arrested and during the interrogation he said "He is not a man" so he could never do it and later in the court to obtain bail he said "He is not a swami but a yoga teacher" (The only truth). All these lies and drama's to get a bail from the jail. After returning from the Jail he performed what is know as "panchatapas" which is done to wipe of all the sins done by one but he said for the better of whole humanity he is doing it. He violated vedic principle by pouring kerosene instead of ghee in the holy fire. He is such a hypocrite that he couldn't accept he had sex. Nothing wrong with sex, its a natural human nature. One should accept it. Even today there are so many enlightened masters in india who have wife's and are not celibate. But this person has no guts to accept it. Now, Such a person below the level of a human is worshiped everyday and imagine the way they are showing themselves lower than him. So ridiculous to even imagine.

There is one more mystic but he is not a mystic, one god but nor a god, a simple magician and a small time trickster who can viewed in a youtube videos for only serious fun. He is neither criss angel or david blaine but a magician who sits in front of temples and churches. He is His Unholiness Satya Sai Baba. He can get you swiss watch from no where, Holy ash from his hands and what not. He is very humanitarian. He has so many Hospitals, Education institution, Several trusts to help needy people. He offers so many sophisticated surgical operations free of cost. I love his Godliness. He is not a mystic simple because he can just hide the swiss watches under his sleeves and the tablet of ash in between his finger which on being crushed becomes powder but why can't be give food for all those who are suffering from hunger in india? All those who are suffering from pain? All those who are suffering from unemployment? Why can't he give currency notes to those who want to become rich? It gives you all the answer.

Only a human helps a human, people say this people helped me when i was in need of him so he is my massaiah. This sentence is not true. Nobody sends but the inner god asks us to help others. If i meet with a accident in the road its a human who takes me to hospital and its a human who operates on me so we are all one. Nobody is high or nobody is low. Level of consciouness differs. Some wake up soon and some late and some never. That is the difference. So, You are a god, i am a god and each and everybody are god. Lets share love and compassion.

God is in everybody and not in one single Jesus, not in one single Krishna, not in one single Mohammed. He is in everybody. People should make an attempt to know him, experience him, feel him. God cannot be seen or he is not a material to be seen, he should only be experienced or felt just being blissful and lovable.

Om Tat Sat